First Visit

  • Gait analysis
  • Gently Adjustments- Non Manipulation
  • Muscle & Soft Tissue-Trigger point Therapy
  • Rhab exercises-If applicable
  • Home Care Recomendations
  • Veterinary- referral back if necessary


​Can you imagine a doctor telling you to put your horse down because "nothing else can be done," but after calling a chiropractor as a last-ditch-effort, the horse returns to vibrant, competetive health? ​ Yep, ask Ashley about Reba.

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"It's about the animals!"

DISCLAIMER: "I work with your Vet"

 with every animal, every time.  

Your pet is #1, we work together to accomplish a speedy response.

When we look at "subluxation" this way and within the context of common things we already know, it's not so hard to remember.

So, here's an easy way...

A lack of air is called what?


A lack of food leads to what?


A lack of water can cause what?


A lack of proper nerve function in the body is called...


Since animal give us unconditional love we are here to help them be a healthy as they can possibly be.                     

We are their voice!   They depend on us!

God Patient Chiropractor

      Evaluate before there's a problem, with Dr. Jackie.                                                                                     It's Simple, Safer(gentler), more Effective.   Plus... the BEST isn't always the most expensive.                  Safer than other methods-After 45 yrs of manual treatments-NO painful manipulation             

                                             LOW risk, NO drugs- NO surgery- NO treating symptoms.

You are their Voice!

International  Association of Veterinary Chiropractitioners (IAVCP) in equine & small animal Veterinary Neurologic Adjustment

Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner

 October 26 2015

 Kate AKA; Leapster came in NOT walking.

​ Watch the short Video....​​

 Dr  Jackie has been wonderful in helping our family through limping, not walking after an injury for 12 days+, with steroids NOT HELPING. Rx was surgery.  Dr Gates performed "two" treatments, to walk and the third to run with her baby brother Henry.   Jackson County MO

​​​Legal disclaimer; 

I  affiliate  with a licensed veterinarian in the state, according to the state law and under the auspices of the practice act in the state.                                      EVERY SINGLE CASE- NOT ONE W/O A VET AFFILIATION IN THE STATE.




Percussion Adjuster


My name is Dr. Jackie Gates.   I’m a chiropractor practicing in Lee’s Summit MO.

I have been adjusting “4 legged” patients since 1976. I used to help my horses and friends horses regain and maintain health through adjustments all the time.  I am now accepting new horse patients consistently.
  I believe the balance between the equine and rider is vitally important.  One will effect the other, so they both get tuned up and aligned for the best of both.
I have a passion for working with horses, and dogs. I do clinics and speaking engagements too.

Chiropractic has been able to help prevent the euthanizing of hundreds, if not thousands of horses ( + dogs) over the past decade.  All too often it’s after a doctor has already suggested putting the horse down.

Chiropractic has also to launch many a horse’s performance to new levels for personal use; for working horses and for horses in competition.

Let me introduce Browni and her family.Meet Browni’s Ma & Pa. (December 2018)
When they brought Ms. Browni in for care she was not really interested in anyone touching her. since she was not feeling well - at all. Browni wasn’t able to move her neck or walk comfortably. We had the Vets go ahead and after around the 4-5 treatments Ms. Browni raised her head and gave me sweet, sweet kisses.

Listen to Browni’s Moms story;

Browni, one of our fur babies, was having
some back and neck issues. She is 7 yrs
old and had trouble walking, as well as
couldn't lift her neck up. Pain RX and
steroid shot did not help any, so we tried
chiropractic. After just 5 visits to Dr Gates, Browni now trots and gallops like she did when she was 3 or 4 years old. 

Your pet is # 1   

 What's an easy way of remembering

  S U B L U X A T I O N ?

Subluxation is apretty big word and it is not a commonly heard word.  As a result, it is sometimes hard to remember.  It is important to remember what a subluation is and what a subluxation does so we can easily communicate it to others.