​​​Legal disclaimer; 

I  affiliate  with a licensed veterinarian in the state, according to the state law and under the auspices of the practice act in the state.                                      EVERY SINGLE CASE- NOT ONE W/O A VET AFFILIATION IN THE STATE.


My name is Dr. Jackie Gates.   I’m a chiropractor practicing in Lee’s Summit MO.

I have been adjusting “4 legged” patients since 1976. I used to help my horses and friends horses regain and maintain health through adjustments all the time.  I am now accepting new horse patients consistently.
  I believe the balance between the equine and rider is vitally important.  One will effect the other, so they both get tuned up and aligned for the best of both.
I have a passion for working with horses, and dogs. I do clinics and speaking engagements too.

Chiropractic has been able to help prevent the euthanizing of hundreds, if not thousands of horses ( + dogs) over the past decade.  All too often it’s after a doctor has already suggested putting the horse down.

Chiropractic has also to launch many a horse’s performance to new levels for personal use; for working horses and for horses in competition.

Your pet is # 1   


So, here's an easy way...

A lack of air is called what?


A lack of food leads to what?


A lack of water can cause what?


A lack of proper nerve function in the body is called...


Since animal give us unconditional love we are here to help them be a healthy as they can possibly be. They depend on us!

God Patient Chiropractor

International  Association of Veterinary Chiropractitioners (IAVCP) in equine & small animal Veterinary Neurologic Adjustment

Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner

 October 26 2015

 Kate AKA; Leapster came in NOT walking.

​ Watch the short Video....​​

First Visit

  • Gait analysis
  • Gently Adjustments- Non Manipulation
  • Muscle & Soft Tissue-Trigger point Therapy
  • Rhab exercises-If applicable
  • Home Care Recomendations
  • Veterinary- referral back if necessary


​Can you imagine a doctor telling you to put your horse down because "nothing else can be done," but after calling a chiropractor as a last-ditch-effort, the horse returns to vibrant, competetive health? ​ Yep, ask Ashley about Reba.

VOM Technology

"It's about the animals!"

Animals heal us daily and are themselves natural healers.  Their minds aren't loaded with "stuff" blocking their healing with all of the right pieces of the puzzle to assist in healing. 

Percussion Adjuster


DISCLAIMER: "I work with your Vet"

 with every animal, every time.  

Your pet is #1, we work together to accomplish a speedy response.

When we look at "subluxation" this way and within the context of common things we already know, it's not so hard to remember.

      With V.O.M. your pets care is ;                                             

 ​    1. more Effective;          2.  Gentler ;                 3. Safer;

             than other methods                NO painful                         NO Drugs/Surgery


 Dr  Jackie has been wonderful in helping our family through limping, not walking after an injury for 12 days+, with steroids NOT HELPING. Rx was surgery.  Dr Gates performed "two" treatments, to walk and the third to run with her baby brother Henry.   Jackson County MO


 What's an easy way of remembering

  S U B L U X A T I O N ?

Subluxation is apretty big word and it is not a commonly heard word.  As a result, it is sometimes hard to remember.  It is important to remember what a subluation is and what a subluxation does so we can easily communicate it to others.